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Choose Wood Instead of Carpeting

If you’re trying to decide whether to lay wall-to-wall carpeting on one or more of your floors or to use wood, there are so many aesthetic and sensible reasons to go with wood. Home is where real life happens. From the day you move in until you hand over the keys to the next owner, you need a real surface that can handle your family’s big and small moments.

Count on Colorado Hardwood Flooring to guide you every step of the way, from which woods and finishes to choose to how to maintain your floors’ beauty and sheen. With so many types of hardwood available, flooring options abound. There are so many reasons to decide on hardwood floors!

Got a big family? Think about how carpeting becomes flat and worn in areas that endure heavy foot traffic. All of those footsteps don’t hurt hardwood the way it does carpet. With kids around, you want floors, which are magnets for spilled food and drinks, that are easy to clean.

Cleaning carpets involves stain removal, dragging out the vacuum and, in some cases, a steam cleaner. Yikes! On the other hand, keeping wood floors looking their best is quick and easy. Routine cleaning involves sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming (use the bare-floor setting). Clean spills in a snap with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Don’t use wet mops or steam mops; they will, over time, damage the finish and the wood itself.

Hardwood is durable, long-lasting and versatile. It helps add value and beauty to your home’s overall worth, and it’s the preferred surface of home buyers and renters across the United States. According to HGTV, hardwood floors are the top request of buyers and renters. Meanwhile, data from the National Association of Realtors® found that 54 percent of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring.

If you live in or are planning to buy a home in Colorado or southern Wyoming, call the skilled and friendly professionals at Colorado Hardwood Flooring at 970-430-5355. We happily give free estimates.

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